Story Time!
Story Time!
Entering the tech industry, next to being an Executive Chef,
was a wild ride, and

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Working in different roles and fields taught me how to adapt and learn quickly in any situation and my experiences are helping me every day to stay open-minded and be able to control multiple processes at once with confidence.

I implement the “Can-Do” attitude everywhere I go, as I learned this is the way to success.

Vig Reka - Creative Digital Experience Designer Picture

& Process.

Collaboration is successful when the correct tools are combined with a well-structured methodology.

I take a structured & human-centred approach to web design. My development process was created to ensure every project is delivered on time and within budget. Once we start to work together, here's what to expect:




Getting to know your product and its objectives. Research your industry and potential competitors.



Using our research and turning it into a solution that will satisfy your objectives while also being efficient for your users.



Combining form and function to ensure that your user has a satisfying experience.



Following the progress of the project to ensure that nothing was overlooked.



Once I have finished the previously stated steps, the next stage is to test the product's performance and reliability.

Optimize & Deploy

Optimize & Deploy

Once we are sure that the product is ready to be released to the public, I'll deploy it in your public domain.


turned into


I am working as a freelance UI/UX, Web Designer for over 4 years now, currently working in the UK and having a home base in Hungary, but I am happy to relocate anywhere in Europe!

I enjoy applying my creativity and technical expertise to create engaging designs aimed at driving home the brand voice. Creating digital experiences and interfaces that are efficient, easy to use and beautiful is what gets me out of bed each morning (coffee ☕ only helps to kick in the engine).

I am extremely passionate when it comes to learning new tools and design methods, and this mindset making possible for me to flawlessly move from one platform/tool to another and implement new workflows. I spent all of my free time in the last couple of years learning new skills in Web Design, Web Development and UI/UX Design, and my curiosity pushes me to learn something new every day.

I would like to utilise all of my skills and the experiences gained from my positions and undertake a new challenge.

I am open to freelance work or a remote position in User Interface and User Experience Design, Web3 Design field.

I am looking forward to the next opportunity to take on, preferably in the web3 & blockchain space.


Digital Experience Designer
with a passion for